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Major cloud providers offer free tiers for specific resources within their product catalogs, as a tactic to attract new users to their platforms. However, these services are normally not well documented nor their information is aggregated to allow the user to focus on deploying only the free resources - the financial interest is to learn the whole platform as you deploy these free resources.

This project aims to bridge the gap between theory and practical solutions for anyone that wants to learn these platforms with practical examples, or just wants these free resources without the hassle of learning everything else.

terraform init \
&& terraform apply -auto-approve

To visualize the repository available commands:

# Installs go-task
sudo sh -c "$(curl --location https://taskfile.dev/install.sh)" -- -d -b /usr/local/bin
 # Display help message
task --list

Now if you want to explicitly call the core module, write a main.tf with this content:

// Create a main.tf file anywhere with Terraform installed and copy-paste this code
module "tf-free" {
   source = "github.com/gruberdev/tf-free"
   enable_aws         = true  
   aws_account_id     = "your-aws-access-id"
   aws_account_key    = "your-aws-secret-key"
   aws_default_region = "us-west1"
  enable_gcp         =  true
  gcp_project_id     = "testing-project-1"
  gcp_project_region = "us-west-1"
  gcp_instance_name  = "gcp-machine"
  enable_azure   =  true
  enable_oracle   =  true

If you're unsure what your credentials are for each cloud provider, take a look at Obtaining credentials.

Last updated on December 23, 2022